Thursday, February 23, 2012

Around the World

Trinity College Raether Library holds in its basement level of seven miles of shelving that constitute the rare books collection of the Watkinson Library.  These works range from the 11th century to the present, and include not only manuscript but pamphlets, maps, art prints, college archives, and more.

Through a Fellowship Program funded by the Watkinson, I am embarking on a creative journey using the various works held there.  My project is founded in my love of travel and I quite literally plan on journeying "around the world."  My project has two parts:  this blog will house the written component of my journeys.  I'm writing a somewhat fictionalized/imagined travelogue, based on readings and quotes from works in the library.  These works include travel pamhplets and advertisements from the late 19th century, captains' logs from the 1500s, travel diaries from the 1920s, and more.  My journey will not be set at any one point in time, but I instead grant myself the freedom to land myself in any era that catches my fancy.

In addition to the online recording of my travels, I will also create a visual representation of the journey.  My map will include a variety of materials and photos from each destination, and will have a direct link to the online travelogue.  This map will be on display in the Watkinson upon completion.

So, I'm off on my journey!  Happy travels and make sure to check back here as I go.

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